Don’t let Republican operatives control our elections

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Some Republican officials are furious that they couldn’t rig our democracy to keep Donald Trump in office -- and now, they want to put partisan operatives in charge of elections in swing states so that next time, they get their way.

You’ve likely seen the headlines about the GOP’s anti-voter legislation in swing states to cut early voting hours, limit vote-by-mail, and more. But one of these new laws in Georgia also includes an exceedingly dangerous provision that you may not have heard about…

The law lets Georgia’s GOP-dominated legislature stack the State Board of Elections with Republican operatives. Then, this partisan board can override local election administrators for basically any reason it pleases.

Here’s why this matters: with this law in place, Georgia Republicans can remove non-partisan election officials -- who work tirelessly to run fair and accessible elections -- and replace them with GOP hacks. And once these handpicked operatives take power, they’ll have control over how elections are run, if results are certified, and more.

Unless Congress responds immediately, more states could follow Georgia’s lead -- and turn what are supposed to be fair, non-partisan positions into Republican tools to rig our democracy.

The Freedom to Vote Act -- a modified version of the For the People Act -- has new, airtight protections for local election officials, ensuring that they can’t be fired or overridden without cause. But Mitch McConnell and his cronies in the Senate have made it clear that they’ll do everything in their power to shut this bill down.

We need to make sure our senators do whatever it takes to pass the Freedom to Vote Act -- or the integrity of our elections could be at risk. Please help us pressure the Senate by adding your name today.

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Republicans are trying to pass laws around the country that allow GOP-led bodies to overrule non-partisan election officials -- and replace them with partisan hacks who could rig elections in their favor.

We will not let these politicians deny us a free and fair democracy. The Senate must swiftly shut down these dangerous efforts by passing the Freedom to Vote Act -- a modified version of the For the People Act that includes comprehensive protections for local election officials.