Don't let the Florida Legislature take away your voice! Take action now.

The Florida Legislature

The Florida Legislature is up to their old tricks by trying to limit the ability of citizens to participate in the democratic process. Fed up with legislative inaction on major issues facing our state, Floridians have used direct democracy to amend Florida's Constitution. Whether Floridians have voted to raise the minimum wage, require fair districts, fund land and water conservation, or restore voting rights, the powerful special interests that control the Florida Legislature have always wanted to take away everyday Floridians' voices. Florida's constitutional amendment process is already the most difficult of any state in the nation.

Legislators allied with wealthy and well-connected special interests have introduced HB 7111/SPB 7096. This dangerous bill sets up unnecessary and unconstitutional barriers to gathering the required signatures necessary to put a constitutional amendment on Florida's ballot. Sign the petition to the Florida Legislature now and tell our elected representatives you want Floridians' voices protected in our democracy.

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Tallahassee, FL

To: The Florida Legislature
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Dear Legislators,

We, the undersigned, urge you to oppose HB 7111/ SPB 7096. This legislation is not only unconstitutional, but it punishes voters and tips the scales in favor of politicians and political appointees.

We believe that Floridians should have a voice in their government, and the constitutional amendment process provides an important avenue for that voice to be heard directly. HB 7111/SPB 7096 and its house companion seek to make it unnecessarily difficult to get the signatures required for a proposed amendment to get on the ballot while violating First Amendment rights, and adding unnecessary and confusing language to Floridians' ballots.

The fact is, Florida's constitutional amendment process is already the most difficult of any state in the nation. Please oppose HB 7111/SPB 7096 and protect the voices and votes of Floridians.