Don't let Trump Drill our coast!

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (Docket #BOEM-2017-0074)

Trump wants to repeal the Obama-era ban on offshore drilling, opening more than 90 percent of our coastline to oil and gas leasing.

At the same time, Trump’s allies in Congress are trying to dismantle the worker safety and environmental protections put into place after the Deepwater Horizon rig killed 11 people, caused a $60 billion in damages, destroyed coastal ecosystems and sickened thousands of people.

Nor are spills, explosions and loss of life on oil rigs the only things we’re worried about (though only a fool would not be worried about them). We need to keep at least 80% of known oil and gas reserves in the ground, or risk tipping the climate beyond the point of no return. Adding millions of new acres of oil and gas drilling is not just climate denial, it’s a death sentence for millions of people in coastal communities around the world.

Fortunately, there’s still time to stop Trump’s disastrous plan. You have until March 9 to submit and official comment. Sign here, and we’ll hand deliver the message at a series of regional meetings over the next few weeks. Please also add a comment or personal message to your signature, to make the message more powerful when we deliver it.

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To: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (Docket #BOEM-2017-0074)
From: [Your Name]

I strongly oppose this irresponsible plan to create the largest expansion in offshore drilling ever.

More than 3 million americans have already submitted comments and attended hearings opposing offshore drilling in the 2017-2022 draft plan in order to protect our oceans, coastal economies, and climate.

This new plan is a slap in the face to every Governor, member of Congress, and US citizen that opposes offshore drilling, and a huge gift to the fossil fuel industry at precisely the moment we need to transition off fossil fuels to 100% clean energy.