Don't Let Trump Take School Lunch from Immigrant Kids

The Administration and Congress

When my parents fled from communist Cuba to the U.S. in the 90s, they depended on food stamps to feed my brother and me. I can’t imagine them having to decide between putting food on the table and staying in this country. It’s an impossible choice no parent should have to make.

Donald Trump’s draft Lunch Ban would take away essential benefits like free and reduced-price lunch, and food stamps from immigrant kids--and threaten families that get benefits with deportation. (This executive order would primarily target lawfully-residing immigrant kids, and U.S. citizen children whose parents are immigrants. Sadly, undocumented kids are mostly cut off from benefits already).

No child should go hungry based on where they or their parents are from, period. This executive order is racist, xenophobic and immoral. The good news is that it's still a draft. If millions of us speak out we can stop it.

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Please oppose Donald Trump’s draft executive order, which will cut off essential benefits like food stamps and free and reduced lunch from documented immigrant children.