Don't let Wall Street Profit from Police Brutality

Various mayors and county officials

Police Brutality Bonds facilitate a cycle of economic and physical violence in black and brown neighborhoods. Sign this petition to call on the elected officials in these places to adopt our demands and put an end to this practice!

To: Various mayors and county officials
From: [Your Name]

Dear Elected Official -

I am deeply concerned that your government has been allowing Wall Street to profit from police brutality and police killings. A new report by the Action Center on Race and the Economy details how banks and investors are making more than $1 billion in profit when cities and counties borrow to pay for police misconduct settlements. This lets bad cops off the hook and it is a double whammy for overpoliced communities of color who then have to suffer cuts in services to pay this Wall Street profit.

I am calling on you to:

Stop letting banks and investors to profit from police brutality. Banks that do business with your city or county should lend this money without charging any fees or interest. They make a lot of money from taxpayer business already. They should not also make money off of police brutality.

Hold individual officers accountable for abusive policing by requiring them to take out liability insurance policies to cover the costs of settlements and judgments stemming from their own misconduct. Doctors already take out malpractice insurance. So should cops.

Publicly disclose how your administration is pays for each police misconduct settlement, whether you are borrowing to make these payments, and who is profiting from these payments.