Don't Take Away 3,000 Lima Area Jobs!

Cenovus Lima Refinery

CENOVUS, the new owner of the Lima Refinery has committed to take away 3,000 jobs from your hard-working neighbors and give them to out-of-state workers from Texas.

Although it's obvious that Cenovus is trying to replace skilled Ohio workers with cheap labor, the company tries to claim that it is bringing in so-called "specialists". What kind of "specialists" from Texas would know more about the Lima Refinery than Ohio workers who've worked there for 136 years?

Local union tradesmen in Ohio have worked long hours and sacrificed family time in order to keep the refinery operational and safe. But now, Cenovus is turning its back on Ohio workers who are the community members that make up our neighborhoods, churches, and schools.

Sign the petition to join us in telling Cenovus to respect our community and our jobs. Local residents, businesses, churches, and elected officials all agree: Ohio jobs are for Ohio workers.

To: Cenovus Lima Refinery
From: [Your Name]

I believe the working men and women of Ohio deserve the same opportunities at the Lima Refinery that have existed here for over 130 years. They are my neighbors, customers, constituencies, and members of my congregation and I believe they deserve to continue working to support their families and my community.

I stand in support of Ohio Jobs for Ohio Workers at the Lima Refinery and oppose Cenovus' decision to replace 3,000 Ohio workers.

Keep these jobs in Ohio.