President Biden and US Congress

US politicians are trying to ban TikTok! They say it’s because of the app’s ties to China, and let’s be real: the Chinese government is scary and oppressive. But censoring TikTok won’t make anyone safer or address valid privacy and security concerns. The RESTRICT Act is political showboating at its worst and President Biden has said he will sign it if it lands on his desk. All it will do is reinforce xenophobic tropes and silence millions of people who’ve built a platform on the app and use it for news, entertainment, activism, and community.

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To: President Biden and US Congress
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I want my elected officials to ACTUALLY protect my sensitive data from China and other governments, not ban TikTok. Stop feeding moral panic about ‘what the kids are doing on TikTok’ and pass a real data privacy law to stop Big Tech companies––including TikTok!––from harvesting and abusing our personal data for profit.