DowDuPont – Don’t Spin-off Workers’ Rights

DowDuPont CEO Jim Fitterling

Sign our petition to let DowDuPont know that worker issues must be at the heart of the recent merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont as well as the eventual three-way split of the new company. Most of the attention is given to the interest of corporate executives, shareholders and Wall Street investors rather than those who will be personally affected. This focus needs to change. For background information about this petition, click here.

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To: DowDuPont CEO Jim Fitterling
From: [Your Name]

Dear Mr. Fitterling,

It is clear that decisions made in the corporate board rooms by the CEOs and investors are made to benefit the bottom line of the corporation and the price of the company stock. It seems that little deliberation is given to those who are truly impacted by those decisions.

The leadership of DowDuPont stated that they are going to run lean and mean and that they plan to cut over $3 billion in expenses due to the merger and the pending split into three companies. Much of this will be accomplished by shutting down plants, eliminating jobs, laying-off workers and reducing the number of suppliers. It signals that further hardship will ultimately affect the employees who work for the Company, their families and the communities in which the Company is located across the world. Data shows that the loss of one direct job equates to the loss of up to 7 indirect jobs. This could be devastating to the communities in which your employees live.

Many DowDuPont employees are concerned that the pending spin off of the company will have a negative effect on their pensions, pay and other benefits. Employees would like affirmation that their work and livelihood will not be compromised for the benefit of the investors alone.

I truly believe the new companies must ensure the employment security of all DowDuPont employees and their working conditions, wages, benefits and pensions. We are asking with this petition that DowDuPont have a regard for the good of the employees, their families and communities.

I hope that you can feel and understand the sense of apprehension that exists. I know I am not alone; many DowDuPont employees around the world and the communities they live in are very concerned for their jobs and the places they call home. What can you tell your employees, their families and the communities they reside in?