Drawing the Pacific Blue Line against Deep Sea Mining

Pacific and World Leaders

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There is no scenario in which DSM is permissible. If it’s not safe in our EEZs, it’s not safe in the Pacific as a whole, and therefore not safe for the world. A total ban on DSM is the only way to ensure the integrity of the ocean, the heart of our planet.

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To: Pacific and World Leaders
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We, the undersigned;

> call for recognition that, as our common heritage, the ocean demands our common responsibility for its protection from deep sea mining (DSM);

> call on all Pacific and World Leaders to join the growing ranks of governments, scientific authorities, CSOs, global leaders and indigenous groups the world over opposing the rush to mine the ocean floor and, in doing so, destroy our common heritage; and

> welcome the stand taken by some Pacific governments of a moratorium on DSM within their EEZs but strongly urge all of our governments to move beyond their EEZs and support a global ban on DSM.