Drop Del Pozo

The Howard Center Board of Directors

AFSCME Local 1674

This petition is about getting justice for a coworker and defending our rights as workers to perform our jobs free of indignity and abuse by our employer or its representatives.

Burlington Chief of Police Brandon Del Pozo was forced to resign his office after conducting and attempting to cover up a campaign of harassment targeting a Howard Center employee and union member. At the time, Del Pozo also served on the Howard Center's Board of Directors. And he still does.

In what normal human services agency would an employee be expected to go about their normal responsibilities while their self-admitted harasser remains on its board? What message does that send to Del Pozo's victim? To all employees?

That is why we invite all Howard Center workers, union members, and individuals or families in the communities we serve, to sign this petition, seeking Del Pozo's resignation or removal from the agency's Board of Directors.

Petition by
AFSCME Local 1674
Burlington, Vermont

To: The Howard Center Board of Directors
From: [Your Name]

We the undersigned are workers of Howard Center and members of the communities it serves. We want Brandon Del Pozo removed from his role of board member of the Howard Center. We do not wish him to remain in this position for one minute longer.

Del Pozo's conduct leading to his resignation was improper. He belittled, traumatized and bullied a member of our workforce and community, lied about this behavior to the Mayor and the press, and made no apology to his victim. Until this day, he publicly defends his malfeasance.

Del Pozo does not have the support of the workers of Howard Center or the communities we serve, which board members are intended to represent. His position on the board is untenable.