#DropTheCharges against Mia Santiago and Dkéama Alexis!

Mayor Andrew Ginther

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To: Mayor Andrew Ginther
From: [Your Name]

I am writing you to demand that you request the dismissal of all of Mia Santiago’s and Dkéama Alexis’ charges.

On Monday January 20th, 2020, Columbus Police arrested two peaceful Black protesters at an event honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. — protesters who were there simply seeking justice for a Black child who was shot and killed by Columbus police.

Over a thousand people gathered at the Columbus Convention Center on Monday morning for a breakfast honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Mia and Dkéama began passing out flyers with information about Julius Tate. Julius Tate was the 16-year-old child who was shot and killed by Columbus police in December 2019. As Mia and Dkéama made their way to the front of the room, they began chanting “Justice for Julius” and “Julius Tate Deserved a Dream.” Less than a minute later, police confronted them. They were pulled to the ground and police proceeded to drag them out of the room.

They were later held outside in the cold while the temperature hovered around 15 degrees. They were denied coats and medication. They were transferred to a police vehicle, with no heat, and kept there for hours. Eventually, they were taken to the Franklin County Jail and released around 7 p.m. after bail was posted.

They will soon be arraigned on criminal trespass charges. But, they should not be prosecuted at all. The only reason for their arrest, incarceration, and criminal charges is your refusal to make space for protest and to acknowledge injustice in his city. As the mayor of Columbus, you should use your voice more responsibly and should protect peaceful protesters from facing criminal charges for seeking justice.

Enough is enough. No more lies and empty promises by city officials who pretend to care about equality and justice. I am a concerned constituent who is asking you to #DropTheCharges against Mia Santiago and Dkéama Alexis!