UC Davis Stands with the LGBTQIA+ Community in Renouncing Ted Hickman's Remarks

UC Davis Campus Community

Dear Campus Community,

As you may know, Ted Hickman, the vice mayor of the city of Dixon, recently made deplorable remarks denigrating the LGBTQIA+ community in a column of Dixon’s Independent Voice newspaper. More details may be found in the Sacramento Bee article covering the incident. This hate-filled rhetoric is particularly egregious given his position in public office, and negatively impacts our local communities. As faculty, staff, students, and scholars, we ask the campus community to stand together in renouncing such bigotry, and to reaffirm our values of diversity, inclusion, equity and mutual respect. Freedom of expression and the civil exchange of differing viewpoints are fundamental to higher education, but words and acts of hate are forms of violence that threaten our mission as a public research university committed to academic excellence and scholarship in service to the public good.

In this time of heightened anxiety and uncertainty regarding LGBTQIA+ rights with recent changes in the U.S. Supreme Court, we pledge to stand up and support the LGBTQIA+ community, and affirm UC Davis’s commitment to the Principles of Community. We strive to foster an environment that is inclusive and respectful of diversity in all its forms – in our classrooms, our offices, on campus and beyond. We encourage you to show your support by signing this petition.

In community,

Chancellor's Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual+ Communities

UC Davis Cal Aggie Lambda Alumni Association

UC Davis Health PRIDE Employee Resource Group

UC Davis Health Vice Chancellor's LGBTQ+ Advisory Council

UC Davis Health LGBT Cancer Care Task Force

UC Davis LGBTQIA+ Resource Center

African American Faculty and Staff Associations at UC Davis and UC Davis Health

Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliances at UC Davis and UC Davis Health

Disability Issues Administrative Advisory Committee, UC Davis

Latinx Faculty and Staff Associations at UC Davis and UC Davis Health

Native American Faculty and Staff Association, UC Davis

Staff Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, UC Davis Health

Staff Diversity Administrative Advisory Committee, UC Davis

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Individual Signatures:

Bethany Moslen
Christina Chun Moslen, Alumni
Arthur Hernandez, Transplant/Metabolic Unit
Daniel Marenco, Systems Integration - Information Technology
Charron Andrus, UC Davis Health AAFSA
Adrienne Lawson, Office for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Jann Murray-Garcia, MD, MPH, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Paul Terry, Graduate Studies
Madison Malicki, Utilities
Jon Hill, Human Resources/Talent Acquisition
Darrell Desmond, RN MSN, UC Davis Medical Center
Mark Foncannon, CA&ES Dean's Office
Jason Masino, Graduate School of Management
Linda Plutino, Enrollment Management Analytics
Isabel Melo, School of Veterinary Medicine
Michael G. French, College of Letters & Science/Marketing & Communications
Vincent Cardenas, Student Housing & Dining Services
Marian Brotzman, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Maxx Gold, Office of Research - IT
Dona OwFook, Enrollment Management Analytics
Khoban Kochai, Faculty Development and Diversity
Elizabeth Mosley, Human Resources/Executive Recruitment
Angela Oates, Ceremonies & Special Events, Office of the Chancellor
Heather Ogle, MPH, UC Davis Extension - Center for Professional Studies
Stacie Jenkins, Psychology/Philosophy Undergrad Advising
Ricardo Buenrostro, Financial Aid Department
Kate Shasky, Police Department
Dianne Stassi, CA&ES Dean's Office
David Holt, Mabie Law Library
Paul Hastings, Psychology
Brendan Livingston, Enrollment Management Analytics
Blake Flaugher, Student Health and Counseling Services
Steven Athanases, School of Education
Sharon McDonell, Retired - Human Ecology
Lien Sanchez, Office of the Chancellor and Provost
Charlene Green, MA, LMFT, School of Medicine
Nora Hom-Booher, Insurance Services
Rachel Hale, PSC, PHI, CGS, STS
Marlene Freid, Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts
Mercedes Piedra, Office for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Karina Saravia-Butler, Innovation Institute for Food & Health, UC Davis
Annemarie Seed, Public Health Sciences
Allyanna Pittman, Center for Advocacy, Resources & Education
Mandy Hanou
Michelle Morales, Center for Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE)
Tom Hinds
Jessie De la trinidad, Sociology
Mackenzie Smith
Tara Stowbunenko
Michael Colby, Library (Emeritus)
Kelli Sholer, Anthropology and Sociology
Elvira Galvan Hack, Entomology, Nematalogy & Plant Pathology
Bridgette Johnson, Innovation Institute for Food and Health
Joanna Villegas, LGBTQIA+ Resource Center
Lillie Boutte, Managed Care
Mina Matlon, Imagining America
Paula Williams, School of Nursing
Malina Gillies-Dougherty, Mathematics Undergrad Advising
Ginger Welsh
Amy Bernauer, Accounting & Financial Services
Kelly Brown, Volunteer Services
Adriane Boykin, ICC
Liz Lopez, Academic Senate
Brett McFarlane, Undergraduate Education
Satinder Gill, Academic and Staff Assistance Program
Katie Holland, Health Sciences Development & Alumni Relations
Alexa Douros, CARE Peer Educator
Tim Samartino, Veterinary Medicine Dean's Office
Amber Ramos, Student Health & Counseling Services
Alex Deng, Alumni
denise nelson, Office of Medical Education
Octavio Romero, Latino Faculty and Staff Association, UC Davis Health
Arra Concepcion
Beth Rowan, Genome Center
Lauren Moore
Ashley Vater, IIFH
Susan Gardinor, OME
Kate Simmons, Student Health and Wellness Services
Taryn Casaleggio
Matthew StAmant, Betty Irene Moore, SON
Kristina Spurgeon, Emergency Management
Jennifer Paoli, Patient Care Services
Erin Countryman, Health Sciences Development
Eli Nash, School of Medicine
Angier Allen
Cheryl Busman, SOM: Academic Personnel
Sharon Demeter, School of Nursing
Walter Robinson, Office of Enrollment Management
Andrew Jones, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Sara Garrison, Specialty Pharmacy
Kimm d'Angelique, Academic Personnel
Christy Poole, Information Technology
Julie Weckstein, Primary Care Clinics
James Askew, IT Customer Service
Brenda Scalzi, FOA Business & Finance
Lisa Ruttan, Clinical Case Management
Julie Winters, IT Enterprises
Penny Servis, IT
Amy Rose, Public Health Sciences
Maricel Lumaquin, School of Nursing
Anmol Pavade
Sarah Mentze, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Puneet Gill, IT Applications
Hillary Brown, Psychiatry
Gloria Hayes, Academic Affairs
Marci DeAnda, School of Nursing
Elizabeth deVictoria, BIM School of Nursing
Brad Ander, SOM: Neurology
Sheryl Catz, SON
Lynne Gaal
Steven Basque-Meir, IT
Alan Alvarez
Andre Poon, VM PMI
Angie Fernandez, UC Davis
Beth Floyd, Undergraduate Education and Advising, College of Letters and Science
Carl Oakland, UCD Health IT SI
Catherine Dao
Charles Monson, Music
Christina Acosta, Music
Donna Vivar, CA&ES Dean's Office
Elisabeth Willoughby, Budget and Institutional Analysis
Emily Sanson-Smith, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Gregory Young, IT Infrastructure
Hail Rowen, Psychology
Jennifer Moore
Jeremy Phillips, College of Letters and Science
Jerry Deal, Float Pool
Lauren Camp, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Lauren Ledesma, Alumni
Lisa Brodkey, Academic Affairs
Lori Pardau, DEVAR
Manasvin, Rajagopalan, Comparative Literature
Maria Tran, School of Nursing
Michael Lorenzen, ICA
Michelle Salazar-Aldamen, Police Department
Molly Greek, Enterprise Applications Health IT
Naomi Almanzor
Paul Takekawa, IT Education, UCDH
Sally Frater
Sharad Jain, Medicine
Lucia Rael, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Rich Shintaku, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Erin Peltzman, Student Housing
Beau Carabajal
Amanda Berry, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Stephen Helms, Risk and Safety Services
Jessica Martin
Carri-Ann Zizman, IM: Caridovascular
Lisa Word, UCDH
Terri Ramirez, UC Davis Internship and Career Center
Mario Felix, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
James Barnes, Emergency Medicine
Kirsten Hammann, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications
Marissa Stein, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications
Montana Strohl-Roy, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications
Janna Tolla, Memorial Union
Katherine Kim, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Rachael Crotty, Human Ecology
Jason Lorgan, Campus Recreation, Memorial Union, UC Davis Stores
Anna Cruz, FAS
Sam Alcantara, Student Affairs
Isabel Pires, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications
Erin Jones, Shared Services Organization
fabiola cardenas, Medical Interpreting Services
Jen Dalal, Student Affairs
Cindy Schorzman, Student Health and Counseling Services
Kathryn Rupert, Vice Chancellor's Office - Student Affairs
Duane Lindsay
Deborah Agee, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Jocelyn Anderson, Strategic Communications
Chelsea Norris, Student Housing & Dining Services
Heather Gastellum
Lindsey Metzger, Student Affairs
Erin Mross, Student Housing and Dining Services - First Year Experience/Living Learning Communities
Lois Baertschi, UC Davis Stores
Lucila Servin, Financial Aid
Edana Fielden, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications
Helene Goncalves-Rouse, UC Davis Stores
Shanna Rowe, Recreation
Kimberly Berardi, Human Ecology
Mary Testa, UC Davis Stores
Elizabeth Pease, Clinical Laboratory Dept of Pathology
Aaron Gomez, Campus Recreation, Memorial Union, and the Stores
Raeann Davis, Student Health and Counseling Services
Mike Sheehan, Student Affairs
Wendy Haws, L&S Undergraduate Education & Advising
Lisa Laughter
Kayton Carter, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Marcie Kirk Holland, Internship and Career Center
Lacey Gill, IT
Melissa Granados, Student Housing
Eva Lee, Internship & Career Center
Christina Cadang, Internship and Career Center
Lynn Fowler, Internship and Career Center
Reina Smarkel, Internship and Career Center
Catherine Hare
Lanette Olsen, Internship and Career Center
Alexander Yu, Student Health and Counseling Services
Elizabeth Schiveley, Counseling Services
Sharon Meyers, UC Davis Health IT
Laura Barnes-Daly, Public Affairs and Marketing
Lauren Tehrani, Academic Affairs
Stella Mancillas, Native American Studies
Angela Brady, Financial Aid
Professor Tsinhnahjinnie, Native American Studies
Julie Mustard, Student Affairs
Anna Koch, Campus Recreation
Jennifer Serpa, Students with Disabilities
Perry Palleja, Student Housing and Dining Services
Chad Slagle, UCD Health IT Infrastructure
Bridget Mabunga, Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers
Anya Gibson, Economics, History, and East Asian Studies
Michael Wallace, New Student Academic Services
Beatrice McCrea, DEVAR
Maia Huang, Counseling Services
Kyeema Zerbe, Innovation Institute for Food & Health
Tiffany Claypool, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Monica Wilson, Student Housing
Catrina Wagner, Student Housing & Dining Services
Charlotte Delaire-Meyers, Student Housing and Dining Services
Kraig Brady, Student Housing and Dining Services
Joann Wilson, Student Housing
Lisa Papagni, Student Housing and Dining Services
Ramona Hernandez, Student Housing and Dining Services
Viridiana Alcaraz, Student Housing and Dining Services
Sofia de Melo, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Meghan Murphy, Student Housing and Dining Services
Courtney O'Connor, Student Housing and Dining Services
Veronica Bolivar, Student Housing
Aaron Ochoa, UC Davis Stores
David Barnum
Chuck Huneke, Student Housing & Dining Services
Kia Aliakbar, ASUCD Committee on Committees
Paige Tommeraason, School of Veterinary Medicine
Pilar Rivera, School of Veterinary Medicine
Kevin Reese, UC Davis Body Donation Program
Richard Blatchford, Animal Science
Richard Mason
Liz Phillips, Library
Christina Halliwell, Blue Cluster - History, Economics, and East Asian Studies
Ellen Jordan, DEVAR
Karen Olson, Administrative IT: Client Services
Sara Blair-Medeiros, Women's Resources and Research Center
Jennifer Gouine, Vet Med Dean's Office
Belinda Martineau, Center for Healthcare Policy and Research
Kathleen Kivarkis, Student Housing and Dining Services
Lindsay Tatum, CNPRC
Alicia Herrera, Education
Samuel Díaz Muñoz