All Members of Congress

The Trump administration wants to raid your future earned benefits in order to pay for critical COVID-19 stimulus legislation today.

When it comes to corporate bailouts, they’re eager to hand out trillions without conditions.

But now, with over 33 million people out of work and the U.S. and world economies tanking, they’re asking working people to forfeit future Social Security benefits just to help put food on the table today.

The Trump administration's new scheme is to offer working people cash payments of $5,000 or $10,000 in exchange for cuts or delays to your earned Social Security benefits.

In fact, this isn’t even the Trump administration’s first plan responding to the pandemic that would threaten Social Security. Trump has repeatedly pushed eliminating Social Security’s dedicated funding by suspending or eliminating the payroll tax.

Social Security is popular because it is a simple, universal benefit. Everyone pays in, and everyone earns benefits. The Trump administration is seeking to achieve a long-term right-wing goal to chip away at its universal promise. This new plan is a threat to all of us.

Tell Congress to reject the Trump administration’s efforts to defund and destroy our Social Security system, whether through payroll tax cuts or forcing Americans to work until they die.

Instead of trying to steal the earned benefits of families struggling to make ends meet, the government should be expanding Social Security for all current and future beneficiaries while increasing direct cash payments to all U.S. households.

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The Trump administration has used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to attack Social Security. First, Trump pledged to reject any future stimulus payments to people and families if Congress didn’t first cut payroll contributions―a direct attack on Social Security’s dedicated funding. Now, they want us to forfeit future Social Security benefits for cash payments today. We demand Congress EXPAND Social Security, not defund or undermine it.