Provide Justice for Victims of the Ha Tinh Steel Disaster


Formosa Plastics is responsible for devastation across the world. In Texas, they illegally released billions of plastic pellets into waterways for years. In Louisiana, they’re trying to build a giant plastics complex in an area already so polluted that it’s nicknamed Cancer Alley. And in 2016, a Formosa plant’s toxic release ruined the livelihoods of MILLIONS of people in Vietnam.

Now, many brave souls are weeks into a Hunger Strike to DEMAND justice for those hurt by Formosa’s legacy of harm. They’ll need as much help as they can get – and every day activists will be getting hungrier, which is why we need you to act right now! Support striking activists and stand up to greedy Formosa Plastics!

The disaster in Vietnam occurred when a Formosa steel plant dumped toxic chemicals into the sea. The results: untold numbers of marine animals killed. More than 100,000 fishermen’s livelihoods ruined. Impacts to more than 4 MILLION residents in four different provinces. Yet, most of these victims have not received ANY direct compensation from Formosa.

This is why activists have launched a hunger strike. It’s been years since this disaster, and justice has not been achieved. If Formosa isn’t held accountable for its actions in Vietnam, what’s to stop them from repeating those transgressions again in Cancer Alley or other places around the world? Tell Formosa Plastics: STOP polluting communities and COMPENSATE the victims of the environmental catastrophes you’ve directly caused!

From: [Your Name]

Dear Chairman Jason Lin,

I am writing to urge you to take immediate actions to ameliorate the disastrous situation caused by your steel plant in Vietnam and ensure the affected communities receive the compensation they deserve.

Specifically, I urge you to:

1. Provide equitable and fair compensation directly to the victims.
2. Commission an independent inquiry to confirm the cessation of pollution, cleanup of the impacted environment, and restoration of the livelihoods and communities of those affected.
3. Advocate for the immediate release of all political prisoners associated with the cause.
4. Cooperate fully with any investigations into Formosa Plastics Group and subsidiaries.

Thank you for considering my opinion.