End Amazon’s Dangerous and Inhumane Practices

Amazon Shareholders

Soon, Amazon’s shareholders will gather virtually to determine the megacorporation’s future.

Will they vote to advance racial equity, protect the health & safety of Amazon employees, and examine the company’s impact on global human rights? Or will they decide to continue the dangerous status quo – forcing Amazon warehouse workers to endure staggeringly high injury rates, allowing the company to target communities of color, and expanding surveillance partnerships with police and militaries?

Join us telling Amazon shareholders: Amazon can’t survive like this. Vote for resolutions that call on the company to innovate, transform, and end dangerous and inhumane practices.

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To: Amazon Shareholders
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Amazon cannot continue operating like this. I’m asking you to help me put an end to the unjust, racist, and exploitative workplace practices that leave Amazon workers injured, depleted, and mentally battered each day. In order to ensure the health of Amazon's employees, and to meet its commitment to being the “Earth’s Safest Place to Work”, we ask you to ensure that Amazon ends its use of productivity metrics and workplace surveillance.