EXPAND Social Security, don’t defund it.


While the pandemic is affecting all of us, seniors and people with disabilities remain at greatest risk to die from COVID-19.

Yet with an average Social Security benefit of only $1,503 per month, many seniors and people with disabilities can’t afford to hunker down. And the risk is compounded because their caregivers―whether family members or home health care workers―have had their schedules disrupted too.

More than half of Social Security beneficiaries rely on Social Security for the majority of their income. They need the financial flexibility to respond to this crisis. That’s why we’re calling on Congress to increase Social Security benefits in the next COVID-19 response package.

We need to protect seniors and people with disabilities by expanding Social Security and protecting its dedicated funding!

While members of Congress, including Sens. Ron Wyden and Elizabeth Warren, have proposed increasing Social Security benefits by $200 for the duration of the crisis, the White House has taken a different approach: Pushing to defund Social Security permanently.

Donald Trump claims that eliminating Social Security’s dedicated funding―his so-called “payroll tax holiday”―would stimulate the economy. But this move does nothing for current beneficiaries, tipped workers, or the unemployed. And it sets the stage for Trump and Mitch McConnell to destroy Social Security entirely by defunding it.

We’re fighting to protect Social Security, and everyone who will rely on it, from Trump and Mitch McConnell’s plot.

ADD YOUR NAME: The next COVID-19 response package must EXPAND Social Security benefits, not defund our Social Security system.

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The next COVID-19 response package needs to include an increase in Social Security benefits to help seniors deal with the prolonged shutdown. Many people who rely on Social Security benefits don’t have the financial flexibility to stock up on essential goods such as food and medication. An extra $200 per month for the duration of the crisis would give seniors and people with disabilities, who are at greatest risk from COVID-19, the ability to stay home! We should EXPAND Social Security, not cut or defund it.