Stop Live Nation's Abusive 2021 Venue Terms

Congress & The Department of Justice

Live Nation has announced abusive one-sided terms for its venues in 2021.  These “take it or leave it” terms would cut performance fees by more than 20%.  And shift the risk of pandemic cancellations to artists who cannot afford it with extortionist penalties requiring payment of double the promoter’s fee.  

In the words of multi-GRAMMY Award winning singer-songwriter Jason Isbell: “This ain’t gonna work, folks.”

Live Nation thinks artists have no other choice because of its overwhelming control of markets for ticketing, venues, and digital radio including SiriusXM and Pandora.  

And things could get worse if the Trump Administration allows Liberty/Live Nation to acquire iHeartMedia’s vast network of radio stations and festivals, which ARA has opposed.

Join us in pushing back against these abuses.  Sign our Petition and Fight Back!

To: Congress & The Department of Justice
From: [Your Name]

I call on artists to consider alternatives to the Liberty conglomerate – including boycotting Live Nation venues and developing new methods of ticketing and promotion.
I call on DOJ to reject Liberty’s acquisition of iHeartMedia.
I call on Congress to investigate Liberty’s monopoly abuses and exploitation of the pandemic to extract pay cuts and other concessions from working artists.