Fair maps for North Carolina!

North Carolina Legislature

When politicians have the power to draw electoral maps, they manipulate district lines to divide or pack together certain populations, swaying elections and keeping their seat safe. It's called gerrymandering -- and it's a major threat to our democracy.

We're leading the fight here in North Carolina to reform our redistricting process and end gerrymandering once and for all. If we can ensure fair and transparent voting maps, then we can truly hold legislators accountable on the issues we care about -- like education, the environment, taxes, infrastructure, criminal and civil justice, and more.

Every eligible voter in North Carolina has the right to be heard -- and to know that their vote counts in selecting the people and policies that affect their family, their friends, and their community. Add your name to demand strong, comprehensive redistricting reform.

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​Here in North Carolina, our elections are supposed to represent the will of the people -- not of self-interested politicians. But right now, partisan lawmakers can manipulate our electoral maps to keep themselves and their party in power. We need to reform the rules and make the process of drawing districts impartial -- so that our government is truly of, by, and for the people.​