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The People should choose their representatives, but Texas politicians are choosing their voters. Between 2000 and 2010, Latinos and African-Americans accounted for nearly 90% of Texas’ population growth. As a result of this growth, Texas received four additional congressional seats and required a redrawing of its district maps. But when the state took on redrawing new congressional maps to account for this new population of voters, it acted in bad faith with the intent to discriminate against and dilute Latino and African-American voting strength in several districts, including House Districts 35 and 27, highlighted below.

Racial gerrymandering, as is argued in Perez v. Abbott, infringes on the rights of minority voters. It is our responsibility to make maps reflect values of fairness, inclusion, and democracy. That is why Common Cause joined the Voting Rights Initiative in filing an Amici Curiae brief in the Perez case.

Learn more about our coalition's response to unfair redistricting practices at FairMapsTexas.org.

Tell your legislators and representatives you demand fair maps for the people of Texas. Sign the petition to make your voice heard and declare your support for fair redistricting principles in Texas.

We appreciate your time and commitment to the principles of fairness and equality. Thank you for your support.

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