Ferris Wheels are Fun!

Historic Preservation Commission, Recreation and Parks Commission

As a part of the 150th anniversary celebration of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco's Rec and Park department teamed up with Skystar to bring their traveling observation wheel to the park to celebrate. Like so many other aspects of life since the pandemic started, Skystar has not been able to operate almost the entire time it has been in San Francisco. They are seeking a temporary extension so San Franciscans and visitors from all over can enjoy the ferris wheel for a couple more years once the pandemic has ended.

Unfortunately anti-fun scolds are at it again. The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC) voted against the continued operation of the Skystar on Thursday. The local chapter of Sierra Club has embarrassingly tied themselves in knots about the environmental impacts despite the fact thousands of people drive to destinations in Golden Gate Park every day.

We at Grow The Richmond are here to say, in addition to everything else we stand for, we are pro-FUN. Be a part of the pro-fun alliance too! Tell the Historic Preservation Commission and Rec and Parks that you support the temporary extension of this unique, enjoyable, and temporary addition to the Park

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I'm writing to share my support with the extension of the contract for Skystar Observation Wheel, which, like everything else, has been impacted by the pandemic. I think a temporary extension of this unique and enjoyable addition to Golden Gate Park is warranted.

Thank you!