Fight for 15 is a Fight for ALL

McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King and Multi-Billion Dollar Fast Food Corporations

What we are fighting for...

  • $8.17/hour is NOT a living wage, it's poverty pay.
  • Fast Food is a $200 billion dollar industry
  • Approximately 1/2 of Americans make under $15/hour, most of whom are women and children

There is nothing healthy, mindful or fair about our minimum wage. At $8.17 per hour, it is barely enough to survive much less be well. Living wage is not just an economic issue, it is a human rights issue, it is a moral issue, and it is a wellbeing issue. It's time for us to stand for the wellbeing of all, and fight back against multi-billion dollar corporations who are making record profits on the backs of workers. On April 15th, working people, students, faith organizations, union members, and others in communities across the country will stand together for jobs that give our friends, our neighbors and our families a fair shot at a secure future.

By signing this petition, I commit to:

  1. Fight for 15 and demand corporations raise the wage to $15/hour
  2. March in solidarity on April 15th for fair wages, good jobs and wellbeing

APRIL 15 Morning Action:

  • 4:15AM: Morning meditation at Brooklyn Zen Center 505 Carroll Street Brooklyn
  • 5:30AM: Full group gathers at Brooklyn Zen Center for walking meditation to nearby action
  • 6:00AM: Morning action in Downtown Brooklyn

    APRIL 15 Evening Action:

  • 5:30PM: Gather in Columbus Circle – look for “Sit for 15,” “Stand for 15,” “Fight for 15” signs
  • 5:45PM: 15-minute group meditation
  • 6:00PM: March down Broadway
  • 6:45PM: Minute of silence led by yogis and contemplatives including Bhikku Bodhi 

    Join us as we come together in solidarity for the rights and wellbeing of all.


    We are a coalition of organizations, individuals and communities who are committed to conscious activism and social change. It includes leaders like Sharon Salzberg, Kate Johnson, Kerri Kelly, Leslie Booker and is backed by strong organizations including Interdependence Project, CTZNWELL and the Harlem Yoga Studio. We are aligned in shared practice and values which inform what we stand for and how we stand together for the wellbeing of all. On April 15th, we’re coming together to fight for the dignity and wellbeing of workers and demand a living wage, the right to unionize and a fair shot at a secure future.

    #fightfor15 #wellbeingforall 

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    To: McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King and Multi-Billion Dollar Fast Food Corporations
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    Poverty pay is not OK. We as a community committed to the wellbeing of all people demand that workers across the country receive a fair wage of at least $15/ hour. We stand in solidarity with the workers for a healthy living wage that enables families to live well. We demand that you respect the dignity and wellbeing of workers and end abusive and exploitive employment practices.