Fight for $22 in 2022!

Austin Mayor Steve Adler and City Council Members

Sign now to support a living wage increase for our City of Austin employees! Our union and allies are making it a top priority to increase full-time, part-time, and temporary workers to $22/hr.

Earlier this year, a broad group of organizations and labor unions held listening sessions with City of Austin staff to make a recommendation to raise our current wage of $15/hr to $22, and to ensure this would apply to all COA employees, workers covered by contract, and include adjustments to address wage compression caused by the increase.

City of Austin employees haven't seen a raise to the current starting wage since 2018. After providing Austin residents with vital services throughout a pandemic, seeing our cost of living continuing to go up, and bearing the brunt of citywide staff shortages, it's time our public servants are paid a decent living wage.

With your help, we can ensure our City Council and Austin residents know why we need to raise the living wage to $22/hr. Sign and share this petition, help us spread the word, and ask your co-workers to join our fight for $22 in 2022! One job should be enough!

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To: Austin Mayor Steve Adler and City Council Members
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We, the undersigned, represent residents in Austin who understand how vital it is to raise the living wage for our city employees to $22 an hour. As elected leaders dedicated to empowering working people, we strongly urge you see the passage of this critical raise to allow all public servants to have dignity in their workplace. As you work to pass our public budget this summer, we call on you to prioritize a living wage increase for all full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal workers, as well as contractors and construction workers working on City projects.

We believe that hard work should translate into fair pay. Standing idly by while working families have to decide between putting food on the table or keeping the lights on is not a fiscal choice, it is a moral one. Raising the wage floor would not only lift up city and contract employees, it would also recognize their contributions to making sure our City runs effectively and efficiently. Achieving a $22/hour minimum wage for public employees, as well as private employees doing public work, would improve the quality of life for many families in our communities who have kept our City running during an ongoing pandemic.

Austin is already behind. Many jurisdictions of similar size have already raised their wages well above $15/hr in an effort to support their hard-working residents. We hope that you commit to raising all of our City's workers to $22/hour.