#NoMoreCuts: Governor, stop singling out state employees for thousands of dollars in pay cuts

Governor Susana Martinez and New Mexico Legislators


Gov. Martinez' reckless tax cuts and loopholes for the rich and out-of-state corporations are bankrupting our state. She needs to close loopholes and update the tax code instead of taking money away from middle class and low-income New Mexican workers and further gutting public services.

The solution was on her desk, but she vetoed all the solutions. In a strong, bi-partisan effort, Republicans and Democrats crafted legislation and a budget that would have gotten NM out of debt and supported the essential services that AFSCME members provide. But Governor Martinez threw it all away in a politically motivated stunt. She will now call for an expensive special session, all because of her allegiance to an extremist philosophy that doesn't invest in the government services.

Her policies are starving the very public services needed to lift up our state and make it possible for businesses to grow and thrive.

She continues to insist that the only way out of this self-made budget crisis is by furloughing  and taking thousands of dollars from each and every state employee. Sign this petition now and tell her #NoMoreCuts for dedicated state employees. Call her as well at 505-476-2200.

Please sign this online petition and tell Gov. Martinez "don't balance the budget by slashing public services and handing out pay cuts to state employees".  

Get this petition to your co-workers (using personal emails or directing them to www.afscme18.org) and make sure your family members also sign it.

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Albuquerque, NM

To: Governor Susana Martinez and New Mexico Legislators
From: [Your Name]

State employees are taking home less pay in real dollars than they did 10 years ago.

In a strong, bi-partisan effort, Republican and Democrat lawmakers crafted legislation that gets us out of debt and supports the essential services that AFSCME members provide.

Please sign this well crafted and responsible set of legislation.

We know the budget deficit is real, but there are dozens of ways to raise revenue by closing loopholes and keeping flat taxes even with inflation, all without raising taxes.

Please do not cut the pay of thousands of middle class and low income New Mexicans to balance the budget, especially when there are so many special breaks for Wall Street investors and out-of-state corporations.

Thank you.