Fire Kevin Gentry

Freedom Partners

This year while reporting from the Koch donor retreat at St. Regis Monarch Bay Resort, The Undercurrent's Lauren Windsor & her colleague Tara Margolin were manhandled by top Koch operative, Kevin Gentry. Gentry is the top fundraiser for the Koch brothers' right-wing political empire and a board member of its money hub, Freedom Partners.

As Lauren attempted to ask questions of Charles Koch, Gentry grabbed her arm and forcibly detained her, and crushed Tara’s hand, twisting her wrist. You can read more about the ordeal here:

If you agree that assault is not appropriate behavior for billionaires and their cronies to engage in with journalists, sign our petition below and tell Freedom Partners & Koch Industries to fire Kevin Gentry.

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We, the undersigned, find it appalling behavior for billionaires and their cronies, like Kevin Gentry, to manhandle journalists exercising their first amendment rights! It is time to fire Kevin Gentry!