Fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

USPS Board of Governors

Last year, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy made headlines for his efforts to bring the Postal Service to a grinding halt.

DeJoy -- a GOP mega-donor with no previous USPS experience -- became a pawn in ex-President Trump’s scheme to undermine vote-by-mail by sabotaging the Postal Service.

Trump himself admitted this was his plan -- when he said he was against funding the USPS because “they need that money in order to make the Post Office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots.” [1]

DeJoy's efforts to gum up the Postal Service were met with a barrage of lawsuits from groups like Common Cause, which helped to reverse some of his dangerous directives. And though millions of Americans were able to vote successfully by mail last fall -- one of the reasons we saw record voter turnout, despite the pandemic -- DeJoy has proven that he cannot be trusted with the enormous responsibility of running the USPS.

But unless we take action, he’ll remain Postmaster General for -- as DeJoy himself said -- “a long time,” [2] calling the shots for the very agency he has tried to destroy.

Millions of Americans are still counting on the Postal Service to safely deliver their paychecks, life-saving medications, letters from their loved ones, and more. That’s why the USPS Board of Governors must make defending this cherished institution -- and firing DeJoy -- a top priority.

President Biden has nominated three new members to the USPS Board of Governors -- potentially creating a reform-minded majority needed to oust DeJoy. These appointees are currently awaiting Senate confirmation.

As long as DeJoy is in charge, the integrity of the Postal Service is at risk. That’s why -- as soon as the new appointees are confirmed -- the Board must fix Trump’s manufactured USPS crisis and fire DeJoy. If you agree, add your name today.


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Former President Trump’s handpicked postmaster general Louis DeJoy spent most of last year trying to sabotage the Postal Service -- by imposing outrageous restrictions on postal workers, removing mailboxes by the truckload, reassigning top officials to give himself more power, and more.

Now, President Biden has nominated three new members for the USPS Board of Governors -- creating a more reform-minded majority bloc that can fire and replace DeJoy. When these new members are confirmed by the Senate, they must immediately do so.