Florida Businesses: Stand Against Anti-Immigrant Legislation in Florida

Florida Businesses Owners

Florida will become the next Arizona, Georgia, Texas or Tennessee if SB168 and HB527 pass the state legislature. We’ve seen the negative economic impact of anti-immigrant policies. People are forced to leave, tourism could plummet, and people living and working in the state suffer needlessly.

SB168 and HB527 are legislative proposals that would force state and local law enforcement to actively assist federal immigration officials, at taxpayer expense, in arresting and deporting our loved ones, tearing our families apart. These bills put all Floridians and visitors at risk of profiling while criminalizing and targeting our immigrant communities, tearing our families apart and forcing local officials to use Florida taxpayer dollars to cooperate with ICE.

Florida businesses and the state’s economy cannot afford this, and we need business leaders, like you, to speak out and denounce the hate in our state. This could cost Florida more than $3.5 billion in state GDP in just one year. But the true costs to our immigrant families will be incalculable.

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We urge Florida businesses and business owners to take action and speak out against anti-immigrant bills SB168 and HB527. In Florida, one out of five residents is an immigrant, and nearly 1 million live with at least one undocumented family member. Immigrants make up a quarter of the labor force in Florida. We need you to stand with immigrants and denounce SB168 and HB527 now.