For a Just, Democratic, and Thriving Goddard College

President Dan Hocoy and Goddard College Board of Trustees

Goddard College staff are fighting for a Goddard College true to is progressive mission that is able to thrive and grow by embracing respect, inclusion, and transparency for all its constituencies. The administration's attacks on staff working conditions, authoritarian decision making, and violations of federal labor law deny this opportunity to renew and rejuvenate the college. Add your voice to ensuring the administration and college leadership listen to workers!

To: President Dan Hocoy and Goddard College Board of Trustees
From: [Your Name]

The Goddard College Staff Union has put forward common sense proposals in negotiations that would ensure fair compensation, transparency, and worker voice within the constraints that the college faces. It is long past due that the administration bargains in good faith and respects what the staff have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for the well being of this institution and its stakeholders.

The staff union has repeatedly offered to meet with the president and members of the board to share our perspectives as well as our solutions. Lack of engagement, lack of respect, and increased demands on the staff while leadership does not provide a compelling vision is more than disheartening. Through furloughs, layoffs, vacancies, no cost of living adjustment in 10 years, and hardship after hardship, the staff have shown their faith and commitment to serving students, faculty, and the broader Goddard community to fulfill its mission. All they ask is that you do the same.