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Citi's support for new fossil fuel projects jeopardizes our communities’ health, human rights, and future generations. As we experience the very real effects of the climate crisis, the cost of inaction is too high.

That’s why a global network of Indigenous rights, climate and human rights groups are launching the Fossil Free Citi campaign. We’re rising up and resisting Citi’s financing of climate destruction, and organizing for community-led solutions to the ecological and economic crises we face.

Together, let's demand Citi divest from fossil fuels for the sake of our communities — and our planet.

Add your name to send the message to Citi loud and clear: We will not let you sacrifice our communities and our future for your profit.

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Citibank is driving the escalating climate crisis through its outsized fossil fuel funding.

Since the Paris Climate Agreement was signed in 2016, Citibank has poured nearly $333 billion dollars into the fossil fuel industry. Citi is now the world’s second-largest funder of fossil fuels in the world, the largest funder of coal in the US, and one of the largest funders of oil and gas in the Amazon rainforest.

Unless Citi commits to stop financing fossil fuel expansion, the world will likely blow past global goals for limiting warming and securing a safe, livable planet. We are already at 1.25°C of warming, and communities are feeling the intense impact of warming as extreme weather and other climate disasters intensify.

Citi’s fossil fuel financing is worsening this crisis, and any new fossil fuel projects that Citi finances will only make the situation worse.

Given the unprecedented number of climate-driven disasters occurring around the world in the last few years, it is past time for Citi to stop financing fossil fuel expansion and companies that violate Indigenous rights.

I urge Citi to immediately stop financing fossil fuel expansion and projects that violate human rights, and rapidly phase out all fossil fuel financing. Our health, our lives, and the livability of the planet depend on the actions you take next.