Working together to make Washington stronger

Washington State Senate

We're getting ready to hand deliver a stack of petitions to Legislators showing public employees are united in opposing the Senate Republican's disrespectful plan that rejects our contracts and pay raises, and dumps our spouses off of their health insurance!

Will you sign on to our online petition so we can add your name to the thousands of public employees who have already signed the paper version?

If you've already called or sent an individual email to your legislators, thank you! We also need you to sign this petition.

This petition will be hand delivered by our activists and used in a series of public actions to demonstrate our unity in support of Public Services and Public Employees.

Adding your voice to our collective message is critical!

To: Washington State Senate
From: [Your Name]

We are proud public employees who provide critical public services that keep Washington working. As members of the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE), AFSCME Council 28, we negotiated with Governor Inslee a strong and fair contract with reasonable salary increases that are critical for us to support our families.

By signing this petition we are asking the Washington State Senate to stop all attempts to block raises for state employees, and to fund our negotiated contracts in the state budget.