Garuda Indonesia: Stop Transporting Dolphins

Garuda Indonesia

Dolphins are being featured as the main acts in Indonesia’s barbaric traveling circuses. As difficult as this is to believe, these circuses are actually a big hit with paying patrons. The dolphins featured in these outdated circus acts are transported from city to city in extremely stressful conditions. They are then forced to perform under extreme duress in small, highly-chlorinated pools. Five times a day these dolphins perform for the amusement of the public, being fed only small pieces of fish during show time to keep them hungry and eager to entertain. From jumping through hoops, to “dancing” to high-volume music, these routines are repeated over and over.

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project has been working closely with the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) to lobby the Indonesian government to release the dolphins, whom were illegally poached from their ocean homes. JAAN and Dolphin Project have constructed a sea pen – Camp Lumba Lumba – where the dolphins can be rehabilitated and released back to the wild where they belong. Our efforts represent the world's first ever permanent dolphin rehabilitation and release facility.

We're ready to end this misery. Now we just need your help.

In 2012, Garuda Indonesia, a popular Indonesian airline, transported dolphins from the circus owned by PT Ancol from Denpasar, Bali to Jakarta. Photos taken at the airport during this time shocked the world, and after many protests, Garuda Indonesia declared they would no longer transport wildlife for commercial purposes. Sadly, on April 16th, 2018, Garuda Indonesia broke their promise to the public by allowing the transportation of two dolphins, one sea lion and two otters from Banjarmasin to Jakarta just for the purposes of using these animals in abusive traveling circus acts.

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Ric O'Barry
Miami, Florida
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To: Garuda Indonesia
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Recently your airline transported two dolphins, a sea lion and two otters for their exploitation in traveling circuses. In 2012, your company declared it would no longer transport wildlife for commercial purposes, including traveling circuses that use marine mammals. This form of captive entertainment is particularly cruel as dolphins and other marine animals are kept in the most appalling of conditions. They are frequently hauled out of their plastic performing pools and loaded into the back of trucks - along with other animals as the circuses move from town to town. Many of the dolphins used in these cruel forms of entertainment die due to stress and lack of proper care. It’s also important to note that the dolphins being used in these traveling circuses have also been caught illegally from their wild waters. There is nothing to benefit from perpetuating the cruelty that traveling dolphin circuses represent.

I ask that Garuda Indonesia immediately implement a strict policy against such transportation and stop flying dolphins and other marine animals destined to perform in traveling circuses. As the national airline of Indonesia, I ask that you be a leader in compassion and help end the suffering of marine mammals.