Gov. Hochul: Please sign the class size bill NOW!

NY Governor Kathy Hochul

The NY State legislature passed a critical bill, A10498/S09460, requiring NYC schools to reduce class size to lower levels, phased in over five years. But this bill cannot be enacted and enforced until it is signed by the Governor. Meanwhile, NYC Mayor Adams is intent on cutting school budgets to the bone, which is likely to cause class sizes to increase instead. Sign this petition now, to urge Gov. Hochul to sign the bill so that NYC children receive the same smaller classes that students in the rest of the state already receive! Also please give her a call today at 518-474-8390. Thanks!

To: NY Governor Kathy Hochul
From: [Your Name]

As your constituent, I urge you to sign the class size bill A10498/S09460 passed by the Legislature as soon as possible, so that NYC children can be provided with true equity and the smaller classes that students in the rest of the state already receive.

The research is clear that students in smaller classes do better in every way that can be measured, and that small classes are especially crucial to student of color and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, who receive twice the benefits from class size reduction and make up the majority of kids in NYC public schools. Studies also indicate that smaller classes will also improve teacher quality over time, particularly in high-needs schools, by lowering teacher attrition rates.

Especially given all the disruptions to their learning and their lives due to the pandemic, NYC students need the close support and feedback from their teachers more than ever before. Please sign the class size bill now!