Suspend & forgive rent, mortgage, bill payments, all types of loans repayment, accrual of interest amid and ensure paid emergency leave amid COVID-19.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York State Legislature, New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio, NYC Council, US Congress and The White House

During these hard times, it’s important that we remain calm and considerate towards others. Many business are limiting their operations and many are closing. Although it’s necessary to limit and/or shut down business for everyone’s safety, many New Yorkers are living from paycheck to paycheck and thus many will be facing financial disruptions.

We need to call on our elected officials to agree to halt mortgage payments, rent payments, loan repayments, major bills payment and accrual of interest during the halt. In case the city shuts down and businesses are closed, workers will not have access to the financial means to purchase necessary food. That is why our elected officials must see through this matter so that even in case of a complete shut down, workers are paid weekly relief — minimum untaxed payment if necessary in order to survive.

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WOODHAVEN, United Kingdom

To: New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York State Legislature, New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio, NYC Council, US Congress and The White House
From: [Your Name]

COVID-19 poses not only a threat to our personal and public health, but it also poses a threat to our very economy. With restaurants being ordered to limit their operation to takeout and delivery purchases, it can be foreseen that many servers will be laid off in the coming days. In case of a complete shutdown, workers will not have an incoming uniform cash flow and as a result, paying rent, bills, personal loans, and student loans will become extremely hard. For many, it will become drastically impossible to pay for anything.

We are calling on our elected representatives to support our demands and do everything necessary to ensure the fundamental human rights. We propose that the following demands are met.

Demands to protect landlords and homeowners:
1. Cancellation of all mortgage and property loan payment until further notice and stop accruing interest on such payment until further notice. (mortgage waived - Demand met)
2. Cancellation of payment of property taxes until further notice.
3. Easy access to unemployment funds or similar funds to maintain regular purchases such as groceries, laundry, cleaning products. (Demand met)

Demands to protect renters:
1. Cancellation all rent payments until further notice and make it illegal to collect any form of a fine or interest accrual on unpaid payments.
2. Those subletting and subleasing because of low income must have a right to free of cost lawyers in case landlord demands rent from them even after a halt of all forms of property loans and property tax payment.

Demands to protect workers and the general population:
1. An emergency set up of untaxed minimum wage for employees by employers in case of a total shutdown.
2. A tax break for employers participating in the untaxed minimum wage program.
3. Gas, electricity, and phone bills to be paid by unemployment benefits. (Demand met)
4. Halt student loan payment until further notice without imposing any fines. (Demand met)

Practically, forgiven home loans can be bought back by the federal government to implement home loan forgiveness. If these demands are implemented, people from all walks of life will be benefited during these confusing times and the middle-class economy can be saved. Please consider these demands for the betterment of our society.