HAZARD PAY for Illinois Amazon Warehouse Workers During the Pandemic!!!

Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

With Covid-19 cases spiking and stay-at-home orders going back into place, Amazon warehouse workers are still going to work. The warehouse workers in the Chicagoland area, and across the country, have made Amazon’s staggering profits possible during this global pandemic. In October, Amazon reported that it had tripled its profits due to pandemic sales. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has seen his net worth rise 80% to a staggering $203 billion. These profits will continue to skyrocket as infection rates once again rise in many areas of the country and people turn to Amazon for safer holiday shopping. .

But safety for consumers means danger for workers. We demand that all Amazon warehouse workers be provided hazard pay that recognizes the increased health risks they and their families are taking on during this ongoing health crisis. Amazon owes us - in recent years, Amazon’s massive growth in northeastern Illinois alone has been heavily supported by over $740 million in tax breaks, as recent reporting by WBEZ and the Better Government Association has shown. Illinois has supported Amazon’s growth on the backs of Black and brown communities. Now will Amazon finally support its own warehouse workers?

Enough is enough. It is unacceptable that Amazon gets tax breaks on our dime and Jeff Bezos breaks record after record for “richest man in the world,” while the workers who make the whole operation possible don’t get compensated for risking their lives. Will you add your name to this petition to demand that Amazon provide its warehouse workers with hazard pay?
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To: Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon
From: Roberto Clack

We call on you to immediately provide hazard pay to all workers working in Chicagoland area Amazon warehouses. Your company’s massive expansion in Illinois has been fueled by over $740 million in tax breaks in recent years. Your company has tripled its profits since the start of the pandemic and you personally have profited greatly on the backs of your workers. Amazon warehouse workers deserve hazard pay for making it all happen.