Help Build a No Kill Chicago

Chicago City Council

Last year, nearly 10,000 dogs and cats in Chicago were euthanized because they were homeless or sick, including more than 4,400 at the city pound.

The situation is better than it was in 1997, when 42,000 homeless animals died in our city. But we know our community can become No Kill and save every healthy and treatable animal, like Turtle.Turtle

PAWS Chicago rescued this 11-year-old Schnauzer from the city pound this week after he was left there by his former owner and had been scheduled for euthanasia. Turtle has a number of medical issues that are being treated, and then he will be ready to find his new, loving home.

Animal advocates commend the efforts of Ald. Ed Burke (14th Ward) and Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th), who recently introduced a City Council resolution to take steps to help build a No Kill community.

By signing your name to this petition, you can encourage the City of Chicago to adopt The No Kill Policy Recommendations that detail programs and policies needed to make the dream of No Kill a reality.

We need your support to ensure these recommendations are considered and the voices of Chicago’s homeless pets are heard by the Chicago City Council. Please help more animals like Turtle by signing and sharing this petition.

Thank you for standing up for the lives of homeless animals!
Petition by
PAWS Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

To: Chicago City Council
From: [Your Name]

Dear policymakers,

We the undersigned respectfully advocate for the voiceless, homeless cats and dogs in our community by requesting the City of Chicago adopt The No Kill Policy Recommendations, which can be found at We commend Alderman Raymond Lopez and Alderman Edward M. Burke in raising this as an issue of importance for the City of Chicago.

These recommendations for our city include formally adopting the objective of building a No Kill Chicago and instituting humane programs and policies that will build upon the progress our community has already made.

Nearly 10,000 homeless pets were killed in Chicago last year. We know that our community can do better and save every healthy and treatable pet. We can become the largest No Kill community in the nation.

We encourage the City of Chicago to set this No Kill vision, ensure that animals at the city impoundment facility are treated humanely and work to institute and support the programs that are proven to reduce pet overpopulation and find more animals homes.