Help establish fair voting maps in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Legislators

Under Wisconsin’s current redistricting system, whichever party controls the legislature also has the power draw our state's voting maps. In 2011, this process resulted in “gerrymandered" congressional and state legislative districts that suppress competition in elections and deprive voters of the right to choose their representatives.

The good news is that we CAN establish an impartial process for drawing Wisconsin’s voting maps, but we need your help to increase support for this vital reform.

To: Wisconsin State Legislators
From: [Your Name]

As Wisconsinites, voters and constituents, we call on you to reform Wisconsin’s current partisan redistricting system by supporting nonpartisan redistricting reform legislation.

We look to you, our elected representatives, to bring competition back to Wisconsin’s elections, ensuring that voters have a real choice at the polls, by removing politics from – and restoring transparency to – a process that has become far too partisan, secretive and expensive.

Our neighbor, Iowa, has had a non-partisan redistricting process in place since 1981 in which state legislative and congressional district boundaries are drawn by a non-partisan legislative state agency without any regard to partisan political considerations and factors. This would be a good model for Wisconsin to emulate in order to return elections to we, the people. We urge you to support efforts to have a new process like this in place prior to the 2020 Census and the redistricting process that follows.