Help Release a Domestic Violence Survivor

Governor Jerry Brown


Ny Nourn has spent the last 16 years in prison serving a life sentence for a murder committed by her abuser when she was a teenager. At every stage, she has had her experience as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault ignored or disbelieved. Next month, the parole board will consider whether to release Ny once again.

Looking to escape abuse from her stepfather at home, Ny started dating a much older man when she was only 17 years old. The relationship quickly turned controlling and abusive. When Ny was 18, her abuser killed Ny's boss at her after-school job in a fit of jealousy and rage.

The abuse continued. Unable to leave due to her abuser’s promise to kill her and her family if she did, Ny turned to the police for safety and disclosed everything. Instead of offering her protection, the police arrested Ny. She was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for failing to control her abuser's violence. Her sentence was later overturned because the judge disregarded her experience as a survivor in sentencing her. Ny was resentenced to life with the possibility of parole.

Last year, Ny went before the parole board. They, questioned whether she was really a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, and denied her parole. Again, a court overturned the parole board’s decision and directed them to believe Ny when she says she is a survivor, as well as the mountain of evidence documenting the abuse. On January 10th, she was finally found suitable for parole. Her request now goes to the governor.

Tell the governor to believe the experiences of survivors and grant Ny parole.

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San Francisco, California

To: Governor Jerry Brown
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We write in support of Ny Nourn’s request for parole. We understand that Ny Nourn was convicted of murder and sentenced to life as an accomplice of her abusive boyfriend, Ronald Barker. Ms. Nourn fully takes full responsibility for her role in the murder and is deeply remorseful for not stopping the murder.

As a survivor of horrific domestic violence and sexual assault starting when she was just a child, we urge you to fully consider the circumstances that led Ms. Nourn to enter into an abusive relationship with a much older man when she was only seventeen and how those factors prevented her from leaving the relationship or controlling his violence. Inherent in parole is the belief that people deserve second chances. We strongly believe that Ms. Nourn deserves a second chance.