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Washington State Senate

URGENT PETITION! Tell the Washington Senate to pass HB1091, and to lead on Climate!

Sign the petition to encourage the Washington Senate to commit to #LeadonClimate and pass a Clean Fuel Standard in 2021.

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The need for clean air and healthier lungs has never been more important.    

We still have a window of time to address the climate crisis, but we need to take big steps every year.

We know that a Clean Fuel Standard is one of the fastest ways to reduce our transportation pollution and clean up our air.

In 2019, Washington passed the groundbreaking Clean Energy Transformation Act ensuring that our state will have 100% clean power by 2045. In 2020, we set ambitious and necessary greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. Still we have yet to address our state’s largest and most problematic source of climate and air pollution: transportation emissions.

Now we need to build on that success.

With our state on a pathway to a 100% clean grid, we can now electrify most of our transportation sector—reducing our climate impact and improving air quality. What we can’t electrify, we can transition to other sustainably-produced cleaner fuels.