Here’s what President Biden, specifically, can do to fight COVID.

President Biden

Congressional inaction is threatening the fight against COVID. President Biden, your actions can make a difference in the ongoing fight against COVID.

First, President Biden should take steps to increase the supply of Paxlovid to help Americans infected with COVID.

Next, the United States should break the patent on the COVID-19 vaccine the American people paid to develop, and transfer that vaccine and know-how to other countries in order to vaccinate the world.

Lastly, President Biden should adopt the executive actions to decisively end the pandemic that were laid out in the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ Executive Action Agenda for the Biden Administration.

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With additional COVID funding tied up in Congress and its fate unclear, you must take executive action to increase the supply of Paxlovid, break patents to help vaccinate the world, and take all other necessary measures to fight COVID. Act now!