Hold Big Polluters liable and make them pay

U.S. Mayors

Mayors are forced to deal directly with the immediate impacts of the climate crisis.

Many are already filing lawsuits against the oil and gas industry that demand the industry pay the costs of sea level rise and other climate damages. There’s no reason why every mayor in the U.S. shouldn’t follow their lead.

Add your name now. Call on your mayor to make Big Polluters pay.

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From the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, to the ongoing state-sanctioned violence against Black people, these past few months have exposed deeply broken systems. Systems that uphold the U.S. police and carceral state are threatening, harming, and caging Black and brown people. Systems that further allow abusive corporations, like the fossil fuel industry, to profit off of and exploit Black, indigenous, and other communities of color.

Big Polluters, like Exxon and Shell, have knowingly fueled the climate crisis for decades. And alongside an array of front groups, polluting industries have blocked and eroded the power of governments to protect people, all in the name of profit.

As sea-levels rise, wildfires rage, hurricanes wreak havoc, and heat waves blast, Big Polluters are the ones who should be paying for the damage they've knowingly caused. We can no longer allow the system to push the brunt of the climate crisis on people, rather than on the primary drivers of the crisis: polluting industries.

Mayors are uniquely responsible for the safety and well-being of the people who live in their cities and towns. In this moment, mayors are forced to spend taxpayer money to deal with individual climate-related disasters or to build infrastructure and systems to mitigate the impacts of climate change. But mayors also have the power to fight back and hold Big Polluters liable.

That’s why we urge you, US mayors, to Make Big Polluters pay.

It’s time to follow the lead of many mayors that are already out front, filing lawsuits against the oil and gas industry that demanding Big Polluters pay the costs of climate damages and sea-level rise. This is an essential step to providing justice for Black, indigenous, latinx, and other communities on the frontlines of environmental racism in your community. This is also an essential step to funding just and equitable solutions to address the climate crisis.

Let’s Make Big Polluters Pay!