Hold Entergy Accountable

New Orleans City Council

Entergy is a $22 Billion dollar company, earning over a billion dollars in profit each year.

Rather than take responsibility for their failure to invest in infrastructure improvements, Entergy is already asking for approval from the City Council to charge residents higher rates to cover storm costs.

The city council already approved a 10% to 27% rate increase request over the Summer.

Join us in demanding that our New Orleans City Council use their authority to hold Entergy accountable for their broken promises and have Entergy – not our community - cover the costs to achieve quality, consistent and affordable gas and electricity.

To: New Orleans City Council
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New Orleans City Council:

No More Entergy Broken Promises!

Entergy has a growing legacy of receiving public and rate payer funding to pay for numerous failures, broken promises, power outages, and a failing New Orleans power grid.

You have approved rate increases and invested dollars that have gone to their over Billion in profits rather than the millions of dollars our city needs for a stable, quality, updated and proactive power grid.

For months we have been calling for a management audit of Entergy. The New Orleans power outage shows how urgently new solutions, greater accountability and a climate resilient power grid is needed.

1) A full audit and investigation into Entergy and report on their legacy of broken promises;
2) No rate increases until Entergy is held accountable;
3) Support for a community driven set of solutions including a climate resilient power grid.