Reinstate Illegally Terminated Workers at Jollibee Journal Square in Jersey City, NJ

Jollibee Foods Corporation

Hold Jollibee accountable for anti-worker practices and support workers organizing for better working conditions!

  • In late 2022, we workers at Jollibee Journal Square decided to write a sign-on letter to our bosses to demand a wage increase, holiday pay, and other improvements in the workplace.

  • In January 2023, we started gathering signatures. After a couple of weeks, we garnered the support and signatures of more than 90% of our co-workers in our store.

  • By mid-February, unknown to us, management became aware of our activity and started surveilling us.

  • On February 18 and February 20, management spun a story that the store had been losing money for the past 2 years and had to lay off workers to save costs. They laid off all workers who had been working there for only 6 months or less. Nine (9) of us lost our jobs.

  • Within two weeks, Jollibee Journal Square started hiring new workers. There have been at least 13 new hires since we lost our jobs.

  • The so-called lay-offs were the management's attempt to prevent us from delivering the sign-on letter and to "nip in the bud" any efforts by us workers to organize to improve our working conditions and pay.

  • Workers in our store and in other stores continue to face issues like low wages, wage theft, harassment and intimidation, no holiday pay, scheduling issues, understaffing, denial of full time status.

  • Now we are fighting back to defend our rights and ALL Jollibee workers' rights to organize!

To: Jollibee Foods Corporation
From: [Your Name]

We are concerned community members, labor organizers, and Jollibee workers that support the illegally terminated workers at Jollibee Journal Square, Jersey City, New Jersey.

On February 20, 2023 nine workers were terminated after your corporate management found out about their efforts to improve their workplace conditions. Managers told the workers the store was losing money and they would be “separated.” Within a couple of weeks, the Journal Square store started hiring new workers.

These actions are a violation of federal labor law. Jollibee Food Corporation, you promote so-called family values, but your treatment of workers shows that you care more about profits than people.

The workers have filed an official complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. We support their demands:

1) Uphold workers' right to organize and post NLRA Sec 7 & 8a posters in all stores.
2) Reinstate all fired workers and give them back pay and compensation for lost wages.
3) Apologize publicly for retaliating against workers for exercising their right to organize.
4) Heed their demands for a wage increase, holiday pay, and other workplace improvements.