Honor Fred Korematsu with a Google Doodle in 2015!

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Doesn't it seem like Korematsu Day is an occasion for a Google Doodle? As one of America's civil rights heroes, Fred Korematsu is an inspiration to all of us who choose to speak out rather than remain silent about injustice, but very few know his story. Google Doodles are awesome ways to spread the word about people who deserve a little more recognition for their work.

Read more about Korematsu Day & Fred Korematsu here.

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Fred Korematsu is one of America's civil rights heroes. During World War II, he resisted Executive Order 9066 and took the case all the way to the Supreme Court to fight for the civil liberties of Japanese Americans at a time when xenophobia and racism allowed the government to tear Japanese Americans away from their homes and businesses for relocation into concentration camps.

January 30 is Fred's birthday, and has been declared Korematsu Day in California, Hawaii, and Utah, with organizations holding events all over the country to honor the life and work of a man who humbly refused to follow an unjust policy. You can read more about Fred Korematsu and Korematsu Day at http://korematsuinstitute.org.

Please commemorate Korematsu Day in 2015 with a Google Doodle honoring Fred Korematsu.