Tell San Francisco's Leaders We Need More Permanent Supportive Housing to Address High Rates of Homelessness

Mayor London Breed and the SF Board of Supervisors

The homelessness crisis in San Francisco is at its all-time worst, and we need to take action to combat it now!

While housing construction flourishes for those who earn incomes at the high end, our city has failed miserably when it comes to creating homes for those at the very bottom. Only an estimated two percent of the housing permits in the Bay Area from 2014 - 2018 were for extremely low-income housing. Meanwhile, our homeless population grows as incomes don't keep pace with the rapidly rising market rents. Today, more than 70 percent of people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco used to be housed here.

We can't end homelessness without homes. Which is why it is high time that our city leaders address this crisis with the simple act of funding and developing the type of housing that will get our neighbors experiencing homelessness off the streets and into permanent homes.

Please help us put pressure on City Hall to increase housing for extremely low-income families by signing this petition today!

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To: Mayor London Breed and the SF Board of Supervisors
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San Francisco is in a homelessness crisis of epic proportions. The time is now to address this by increasing the development of homes that serve extremely low-income renters and those currently experiencing homelessness. This city needs more permanent, supportive housing. I am tired of seeing my neighbors living on the sidewalk on my street. I am saddened by the families who are making their homes in their cars. I am outraged that we have done so little to provide for those who are only a paycheck or a hospital bill away from homelessness.

A studio apartment or an SRO room in San Francisco averages $1208/month, yet those who earn SSI make only $932 total monthly! These renters can only afford $280/month for their home, leaving a gap of $928 (double their income) that the private housing market will not fill. It is no wonder more and more of my disabled and senior neighbors are winding up sleeping on the sidewalks.

Please help bring back San Francisco's reputation as a city of compassion and progressive values by prioritizing funding and support for the development of deeply affordable housing! I want to be able to say I am proud to live in a city that cares for its residents and ensures that no one has to face the degrading and dehumanizing conditions of life on the streets. On behalf of myself and my community, I ask that you do all within your power to facilitate the construction of housing for my neighbors experiencing homelessness, who are most in need, before encouraging the construction of any new market rate housing.