HPAE 5089 and 5094 at Rutgers University: We Call on Rutgers to Bargain with Us in Good Faith!

Jonathan Holloway, President, Rutgers University

With our union contracts with Rutgers expiring at the end of June, our Union, HPAE has come to the bargaining table with thoughtful proposals that reflect the wishes of our membership ready to bargain a fair contract for all members. But Rutgers has failed to do the same. We must speak with one voice to bring the employer to the table ready to bargain with us.

Sign in support of your HPAE Bargaining Teams to send a clear message to Rutgers University, bargain with us in good faith. It is our work that makes Rutgers the academic, research, and clinical leader it is, and We Deserve Better! Take a moment now to show you stand with your Union Bargaining Team.

To: Jonathan Holloway, President, Rutgers University
From: [Your Name]

We, the undersigned HPAE Members of Rutgers University, stand united in support of our bargaining teams for a fair contract. Having a strong, collective voice in the decisions that affect our work, and those we serve, is our right and Rutgers’ obligation.

We Deserve Respect and Aspire to Reclaim the Dignity of Our Work Through Winning a Fair Contract With: 

-Strong Job Security, including Increased Job Protection

-Health and Safety Protections on site and through access to telework for the benefit of all, not only when it suits management

-Fair Workload, and Safe Staffing Levels in Clinical Areas

-Competitive Wages including timely processing of reclassification requests of those working above grade

-Competitive Benefits Including vision care and equitable vacation accrual rates

-Accessible Continuing Ed Funding to Maintain our Licenses and Attain Professional Development Without Arbitrary Denials by Management

-Expanded Tuition Reimbursement (5089) and Remission (5094) for Staff and Dependents

-Lower, equalized parking costs. We pay too much

Respect our Work and our Union: Come to the Table Ready to Bargain!