Tell Greg Abbott: End Operation Lone Star

Gov. Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott has reportedly ordered troops to push children into the river, deny water to dehydrated migrants, and deployed a floating razor-wire barrier in the Rio Grande to stop people from legally seeking asylum in the United States. The DOJ has declared his razor-wire barrier illegal and ordered him to remove it – but Abbott has refused. Now Abbott is denying the whistleblower’s most gruesome allegations of pushing children into the river.

Dubbed by Abbott “Operation Lone Star,” these actions are illegal. Moreover, Abbott’s policies do NOT represent our values as Americans or as people of faith. Vote Common Good is calling Greg Abbott to suspend Operation Lone Star and end his policy of deliberate cruelty against migrants.

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The Department of Justice has declared your razor-wire floating barrier in the Rio Grande, deployed as part of Operation Lone Star, to be illegal. Yet you are refusing a lawful order and will not remove it.

As Americans and people of faith, your actions do not represent us. We welcome immigrants and asylum seekers, and we urge you to end Operation Lone Star immediately.