I Oppose Guns on College Campuses

State Elected Officials

March 11, 2024

America’s public colleges and universities are under attack. The gun lobby continues to push bills in many state legislatures that would change laws and force colleges and universities to allow students, faculty, and staff to carry loaded, concealed handguns on campus.

Since 2008, The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus has helped to defeat more than 100 bills in 18 states, which in turn, has protected over 6 million students and faculty across the country. Most recently, The Campaign is also opposing policies in several states that would arm teachers and school personnel in K-12 settings.

We are now midway through the 2024 state legislative season and are fighting bills in several states that would change current state law and force colleges to allow loaded, concealed weapons on campus. These states include: Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, and Wyoming.

As a first step, please voice your opposition to guns on campus by signing and sharing this petition.

Thank you.

The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus

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We, the undersigned, oppose any attempts by the government to allow the carrying of concealed or open firearms by students, faculty or staff. We urge our state elected officials to vote against any bill permitting guns on campus. Let's keep college for learning, not for toting guns.