I Oppose Guns on College Campuses

State Elected Officials


America’s colleges and universities are under attack. Following mass shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007 (32 students and faculty killed and 15 wounded) and Northern Illinois University in 2008 (5 students killed and 16 wounded), legislatures in many states are unbelievably working to change state laws and force colleges and universities to allow loaded, concealed carry of handguns on campus.

The 2018 state legislative season is just beginning and the gun lobby is pushing guns on campus legislation in a number of states around the country, including Kansas (18 year olds could carry), Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and West Virginia.

Take a first step against guns on campus and campus carry by signing and sharing this petition. Thank you.

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To: State Elected Officials
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We, the undersigned, oppose any attempts by the government to allow the carrying of concealed or open firearms by students, faculty or staff. We urge our state elected officials to vote against any bill permitting guns on campus. Let's keep college for learning, not for toting guns.