I Support Universal Rent Control in the City of Philadelphia!

Philadelphia City Council

Investors are buying up properties in Philadelphia at some of the highest rates in the country in order to profit from the “hot” rental market. Philadelphia is currently experiencing more gentrification than San Francisco. This means that rents are rising — and there are no laws to limit how much a landlord can increase your rent! Combined with other tenant protections like right-to-counsel and expanded good cause eviction laws, rent control will help Philadelphians stay in their homes, stabilizing neighborhoods and slowing out-of-control displacement and gentrification.

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Philadelphia, PA

To: Philadelphia City Council
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Dear City Council,

I am a Philadelphia resident. It is time we do something about the cost of living in Philadelphia. I believe every Philadelphian should be able to stay in their home, and that it will benefit all of my neighbors to keep the developers under control. I support Universal Rent Control in Philadelphia, and it is time that you do too! Do the right thing for your constituents and support Universal Rent Control Legislation in the city of Philadelphia.