I will work to unseat you in 2018

Republicans who support Obamacare repeal

Republicans in the US House of Representatives have voted to gut ObamaCare, and make your health insurance so expensive that millions of Americans would no longer be able to afford insurance.

Don't get mad, get even. I worked as a lawyer in the US Senate. And the only thing politicians in Washington understand is fear. We need to strike the fear of God in them and threaten their political survival, not only so that Republicans in the House understand what a grave mistake they have just made, but also so that Republicans in the US Senate understand what kind of pain they are going to suffer if they go along with the House GOP lan to gut Obamacare.

Please sign this petition and pledge that in 2018 you will work to help unseat Republican members of Congress who vote for the repeal of ObamaCare.

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John Aravosis
Washington, District of Columbia
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I will donate and volunteer to help unseat you in 2018.