Impeach and Remove Attorney General Barr

U.S. Congress

Our Department of Justice is meant to uphold our laws -- and hold those who violate them accountable, no matter who they are. But Attorney General William Barr has turned the Justice Department into a political tool to protect Trump and his allies from investigations and accountability.

The latest example? The DOJ just dropped its case against Michael Flynn -- even though Flynn already pleaded guilty.

That’s completely unheard-of. Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Advisor, lied to the FBI twice during the Russia investigation -- and admitted later to doing so.

But Trump -- who values personal loyalty to him over all else -- had been pressing for Flynn to be let off the hook, calling him “innocent,” his prosecution an act of “treason,” and saying he was “strongly considering” a pardon for Flynn.

And while he won’t need to do that now that the DOJ has dropped its case -- the message is the same: as long as you’re willing to cover for Donald Trump, he’ll let you break the law and get away with it. And as Trump’s Attorney General, Barr is leading that assault on the rule of law -- even though he swore a sacred oath to uphold it.

Time after time, Barr has subverted the Justice Department’s mission in order to protect Trump or his cronies. He walked back the recommended sentence for former Trump advisor Roger Stone after Trump complained on Twitter… he brazenly misled the public about Robert Mueller’s findings… and his Department of Justice tried to bury the whistleblower complaint that led to Trump’s impeachment.

Plus, he threatened legal action against those governors who enforce social distancing regulations during the COVID-19 crisis -- falling in line with Trump’s stance against these life-saving measures.

The Attorney General is supposed to defend our nation by making sure no one is above the law -- but time and time again, Barr has abused his power to serve our lawless president. That’s why Congress has a duty to impeach him and remove him from office.

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This is outrageous: Attorney General Barr just dropped ALL charges against Michael Flynn, even though Flynn pleaded guilty twice to lying to the FBI under oath about his conversations with the Russian ambassador.

Barr has undermined the Department of Justice’s credibility -- ignoring the rule of law, politicizing the Department, and doing Trump’s bidding at the expense of real justice. And he’ll keep doing so unless Congress acts: Barr is unfit for office, and must be impeached and removed.