Implement the Bangladesh Planetary Emergency Declaration and Incorporate climate education in school curriculum

Prime Minister of The People's Republic of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries to the adverse impacts of the climate crisis. Declaring a planetary emergency is indeed a major initiative to be applauded for but only making such declaration is not enough itself to tackle the crisis that has risen.

If the actions asked to take in the undersigned petition are not taken as soon possible then Bangladesh and the population living there will be affected severely by by rising sea levels causing more adverse and frequent floods, droughts,cyclones and fertility of agricultural land y which will cause several economic and social problems such as food shortage, unemployment, poverty, child marriage, school dropouts etc.

The petition also asked to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the production of electricity such as coal,fossil fuel base power station and running vehicles. If this step is not taken immediately then it can worsen the air quality in Bangladesh causing the death tolls to rise more because of airborne diseases.

A recent study by UNICEF estimates a number of 19 million Bangladesh children's lives to be threatened by the climate crisis.

**To save Bangladesh and the people living there, people from all over the world, from all ages,races,genders, cultures and religions must unite for action. Everyone is needed for action.

Please add your name in the petition below.

(বাংলাদেশের প্রধানমন্ত্রীর কাছে জলবায়ু সংকট মোকাবেলায় নোয়াখালী তে বসবাসরত ১৪ বছরের স্কুল শিক্ষার্থী আরুবা ফারুক একটি পিটিশন চালু করেছে।

শিক্ষার্থীদের কাছে জলবায়ু পরিবর্তন বান্ধব শিক্ষা,পুনর্ব্যবহার কেন্দ্র স্থাপন, পরিবহন খাতের উন্নতি, জীবাশ্ম জ্বালানীর ব্যবহার নিষিদ্ধ এবং পুনর্নবীকরণযোগ্য শক্তি ব্যবহার শুরু করার দাবি জানিয়েছে এই বিদ্যালয় পড়ুয়া জলবায়ুঅধিকারকর্মী।

বাংলাদেশ এবং সেখানকার মানুষকে জলবায়ু সংকট থেকে বাঁচাতে দয়া করে এগিয়ে আসুন এবং এখনই পদক্ষেপ নিন!)

Everyone is needed for Action!
Join now, Act now!

PC: Jarraf Hamim

PC: Jarraf Hamim
PC: Jarraf Hamim

PC: Aruba Faruque

PC: Sohanur Rahman

PC: Aruba Faruque

PC: Aruba Faruque

PC: Samia Jahan

PC: Aruba Faruque

PC: Mustak A Sagor

Petition by
Aruba Faruque
Noakhali , Bangladesh

To: Prime Minister of The People's Republic of Bangladesh
From: [Your Name]

We, undersigned in this petition, both from Bangladesh and all over the world concern about Bangladesh, the 7th most vulnerable country to the climate crisis of our planet, the people living there also about our future generations and respectfully ask you to execute a real,sustainable and target-oriented roadmap in order to strengthen Bangladesh's commitment to the 2015 Paris Agreement signed by Bangladesh on Friday, 22 April, 2016 and also for implementation of the Planetary Emergency Declaration which Bangladesh parliament (Jatiya Sangsad) voted for on Wednesday,13 November 2019. We also urge you to incorporate the following four actions in the above mentioned roadmap.

1. To limit the use of all fossil fuels in the production of electricity & running vehicles' sector also ending all investments by government in the field of fossil fuel based energy production and gradually increase the production and use of renewable & green energy in electricity production and vehicle’s use as soon as possible.

2. To set up plastic recycling stations all over Bangladesh to recycle plastic garbage and thereby conserve the environment and nature also to reduce water pollution and soil infertility.

3. To incorporate quality climate and environmental education at all levels of school in age -appropriate detail as an individual mandatory subject also whenever feasible in Science, Bengali, English, Maths, History etc. classes with a view to raise public awareness among young generation and to train the teachers to regularly, creatively and engagingly provide classes about the current ongoing climate and ecological crisis also about environmental conservation.

4. To take action as soon as possible to increase the quantity and quality of public transportation facilities all over Bangladesh to reduce the number of private vehicles in order to decrease CO2 emissions produced by vehicles and  cause air pollution.